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March 11, 2011

Anthro-inspired necklace p.2

Another creation-o-fun!   I found a chunky necklace I liked at “that” awesome online store….  Time to figure out how I can make it? I think so!




Here’s my take:


using a headpin to create a hold for beads

one "bead"

a string of beads

almost there!!



I think I did pretty dern good! 🙂




March 10, 2011

Making an Anthropologie-knock off necklace p.1

Anthropologie has great stuff.  So great, in fact, that I cannot possibly afford any of their items on my current college budget.  But, I am crafty.  I saw an uber-cute button necklace and decided to make it.


Start with your button collection, string together on fishing line (fishing line is sturdier for most of my projects and for $4, you get a ton of “string”), finish stringing buttons and look for some old chain…….

and tada: