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April 11, 2011

Seeing Spots

I have a new found love…. well, for the day anyhow…. i have this fantastic leopardy-giraffe-y fabric in a silk.  I also had a partial pattern of an anthropologie knock off.


1.) laying out the fabric

2.) sewing the flowy skirt part

3.) i had to number the top right corner to keep everything in order so the subtle flair of the skirt would fall properly


4.) the flowy skirt part finished

5.) piecing together the top part of the skirt

6.) more of the intricate “woven” top of skirt



7.) front top part of skirt ( rough). repeat for back.

8.) piecing together the top of skirt to bottom flowy part of skirt

9.) the skirt so far, layed out



10.) installing the zipper

11.) making the waistband

12.) finishing the homemade bias waistband



There are a few pictures missing because, i had to trial and error a bit.  The skirt at the nearly final fitting was definitely about a size to small. BUMMER.  But, I figured out how to add some pleated leftover silk to add a panel and attach it to the zipper.  I definitely now have a one-of-a-kind skirt.


like the bow? 🙂