How-to Sew your finger

Sew…. I would like to first state, I am a complete novice on a sewing machine.  Second, watching tv (especially funny shows that make you laugh out loud) is not a good thing when you are sewing.


I not only pierced through the top of my finger, but it also exited on a diagonal across my finger pad.  ANNNNDDD, I was skilled enough to get the needle stuck in my finger and have to revolve it out without spilling a drop of blood.  (okay, so maybe luck had a lot more to do with it, but you get the picture)


However, I think my project came out just fine, despite the pain…..


thrifted top, after fixing the fraying embroidered yolk

attaching sash belt


creating gather underbust/sash



okay, so this last pick,  i added an applique under the sash, as when i was adding the colored stitching on the sash– i sewed my finger, and  a bit of a hole appeared in the fabric where i had to release threads and needle from my flesh ( i know, I’m a drama queen), so I had to get creative and “hide it”





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