Bead Theft….

I am going out of town this weekend, which means the daunting task of packing. I’m one of those who randomly chooses what to wear in the five minutes I’m scrambling t get out the door, so putting thought into planning outfits and making sure I have everything I need is not a pleasant task.

Even more unpleasant when I find that some of the stones on my favorite all-purpose black 3/4 sleeve cardigan’s buttons are missing!!  SAD DAY!!!  So I decide this pilling sweater is worth keeping, and go to raid my buttons.  Darn! I don’t have 8 coordinating buttons (let alone matching ones).  Time to steal some from my bead collection.  Because of the tiny size of the existing buttonholes, I have to opt for beads that I can rig to fit through the holes and still look cute.

Ta-da! Sewing some pretty pinkish and white swirly glass-like buttons that I freecycled from someone’s unwanted jewelry.  Perfect.  (I love when I can fix something for free)


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