Shower Curtains

Okay, so I was sooo excited to get rolling on a project for these thrifted curtains, and as I had them air drying over my shower rod, I decided one of these purple panels was destined to facelift my bathroom.

<—Before, not too bad, except I am now realizing it needs some  serious steaming/ironing. (oh well, it’s coming down anyway)



Next step was to pull out my left over grommet set (from my halloween costume corset making–yikes that was painful–the process not the corset)  and to take my existing curtain to use as a guide for the new holes.  (see the clear rings)



I couldn’t find my hole punch, so I used some scissors to mark an “x” where I  had drawn my holes.  After this is completed, I take the two pieces that make  the grommet and pass through the hole.


So when I test hung it up, I realized these panels where waaaayy long, so I eyeballed it when trimming it.



Next, I attached my trusty-dusty plastic rings, hung it up.  Oh no!  This is too boring!  It’s a wow ’em color, but just kinda hanging there.  NOT acceptable. lol.   Time to get creative with some of the bits I trimmed off the bottom.  Rosettes and leaves would be the perfect adornment.



So I used the quickie idea to make ruffles with the sewing machine and hand warp that wadded mess into a purposefully messy rosette.





Here is an up close shot of two of my rosettes and three leaves.  After sewing on the first leaf, I realized using the excess white lining from the curtain would provide a good contrast.  You can’t see it real well in the picture, but I have a fushia-pink swirly design as well.  (all completed with a slow pulse on the sewing maching)





the final product (don’t mind the scrunching on the right–my trash can is in the way.)


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