Seeing Purple


No work, no class.  MMmmm, I’m viewing today as a blank canvas.  I recently started posting wonderful things to my etsy account, as well as snooping at my fellow ‘etsians’ for ideas of projects to start.  I love being active and having things to do, but being in graduate school and currently only working part-time limits my funding for these projects.  But, today is my blank canvas.  It was primed (with research and ideas) and ready for the application of wonderfulness. Yay!  Where to start?  I found nothing that screamed at me on the usual craigslist or freecycle, so off on an adventure to various thrift shops it was.  I was still uninspired after going to the local goodwill.  (That’s actually an epidemic here as, I live in predominantly a college town, so finding cool kitschy stuff or unique tchotchkes or old things in need of love is kinda a challenge.) I found a new resale shop.  I am so excited because, now, I have a VeRy, VERY affordable way to continue crafting.  Browsing the racks of stuff, I stumble upon the sheets and curtains.  I begin to forage through these vintage-looking fabrics and my brain is trying to process what I can do with each piece.  Then, I fall in LOVE.  Someone has discarded some beautiful curtains.  And I mean, beautiful.  AND plentiful. There are about 15 panels of this gorgeous royal purple with fushia-y toned duponi silk curtains.Best part?  $2.00 a panel!!! Holy Cow! I have just hit the motherload.  My only sadness is that my budget would only allow the purchase of five panels.  I’m torn between cleaning them up and using them in their current condition as window treatments, or actually following my heart to make something “uh-mazing”.  I am super, über-excited! (and, I’m watching HGTV…lol).  I cannot possibly wait until the delicate cycle of washing is complete so that I can play! (Hey, I had to get rid of the “thrift-store funk”, if ya know what I mean. lol)


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