March 31, 2013

Starting a second business

There are moments in life when you think– why not? A few weeks back, while helping out at a UIL event, I ran into my old English teacher. I adore this woman, and she might be partly to blame why I entered this insane profession. I almost came to years at the thought of her impending retirement. I know she earned it after 45+ years teaching… I just felt saddened for all those that would not encounter her impeccable skills am ability to bring out of you things that you might not realize you had buried inside. ( yes I realize my grammar and punctuation get away from me- I teach Chemistry and I’M HUMAN! 😉
Upon asking her about her next great adventure (knowing the woman knows not how to stop), I found out about a new opportunity. She was venturing out into direct selling. Team National is not like any other of its peers. Now, I’m usually very skeptical of these activities… Especially after having a failed attempt of selling Mary Kay in college. This was different. It doesn’t really sell anything. True the membership packages offer tons of savings and commissions, but after recruiting just two people, you earn a $1500 check. (Yep, that’s two zeros on that!) who can scoff at that? There are so many combinations of ways to make money with the company, everyone is super-supportive, and I thinks it’s amazing that any company in this market can offer that kind of returns? I am just super excited to see what happens with this! As a matter of fact, I lay awake at night- excited at the prospect. I’ve met many people that have turned this full time- and I mean 50K plus a MONTH kind of people. It’s sick! So, to the handful of people reading— go to an check out their success stories. If you’re interested, then fill out a brief form and I’ll be in touch. If not, thanks for reading anyway! See ya on the flipside and happy Easter ya’ll!

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February 5, 2013


Teaching? No teaching? Try something new? Or become a vagabond? At this crux of my second year of teaching secondary science in a title 1 school, I find myself pontificating my options. This is job is a catalyst for stress, anxiety and fatigue. I really want to be the best, I just don’t have it in me. I find my passions squashed, my spirit trampled, and my desire to fight on and teach squelched. I know “they” say it gets better. “They” say the second year is the roughest. “They” say, but you’re so good at it. Yet, none of that matters anymore. Last year, I fought on for the kids. The process was much more selfless. And I got by, well 94% passing the TAKS with 88% commended is fantastic, especially considering I was a first year, an especially considering our district fell in the 40-50% pass rate overall. I decided after our summer “hiatus” (aka the workshops, seminars, meetings, sleep, and planning) that I could and would soldier on. This year brought on a tremendous weight gain that can only be attributed to stress, and the anxiety attacks followed. So I stand here thinking, what the heck am I doing. I know I can do a good job, but I am losing myself in this process of building up independent thinkers and creators. I find my mood lowered, and the fact it swings more than the pendulum in a grandfather clock is not ideal. I just cannot dream of doing it anymore. I’ve considered my options and realized that no matter the district, education nowadays is hard. I’m not sure I want to struggle in this way anymore.

So what to do?
Someday I want to build my own business. One where I can do my own crafts/sewing etc, sell the wares from around the world and local craftsmen/women, and etsy, and allow for those artisans to teach classes occasionally. Maybe even host Pinterest nights like these painting with a twist ladies do. I just need some contacts, business plans/savvy, and some investors. Great. This might take a while. I also want to turn real estate ( but that could be due to obsession with watching hgtv and DIY tv). Someday, I might start/finish a vet degree. But that is my bucket list so far…. Someday…..

January 27, 2013

I’m baaack…

…that moment when you crawl into bed and realize that you only put deodorant under ONE arm this morning….

Follow me as I rejuvenate my blog and chronicle all of the odd happenings in my life…

April 11, 2011

Seeing Spots

I have a new found love…. well, for the day anyhow…. i have this fantastic leopardy-giraffe-y fabric in a silk.  I also had a partial pattern of an anthropologie knock off.


1.) laying out the fabric

2.) sewing the flowy skirt part

3.) i had to number the top right corner to keep everything in order so the subtle flair of the skirt would fall properly


4.) the flowy skirt part finished

5.) piecing together the top part of the skirt

6.) more of the intricate “woven” top of skirt



7.) front top part of skirt ( rough). repeat for back.

8.) piecing together the top of skirt to bottom flowy part of skirt

9.) the skirt so far, layed out



10.) installing the zipper

11.) making the waistband

12.) finishing the homemade bias waistband



There are a few pictures missing because, i had to trial and error a bit.  The skirt at the nearly final fitting was definitely about a size to small. BUMMER.  But, I figured out how to add some pleated leftover silk to add a panel and attach it to the zipper.  I definitely now have a one-of-a-kind skirt.


like the bow? 🙂

March 28, 2011

How-to Sew your finger

Sew…. I would like to first state, I am a complete novice on a sewing machine.  Second, watching tv (especially funny shows that make you laugh out loud) is not a good thing when you are sewing.


I not only pierced through the top of my finger, but it also exited on a diagonal across my finger pad.  ANNNNDDD, I was skilled enough to get the needle stuck in my finger and have to revolve it out without spilling a drop of blood.  (okay, so maybe luck had a lot more to do with it, but you get the picture)


However, I think my project came out just fine, despite the pain…..


thrifted top, after fixing the fraying embroidered yolk

attaching sash belt


creating gather underbust/sash



okay, so this last pick,  i added an applique under the sash, as when i was adding the colored stitching on the sash– i sewed my finger, and  a bit of a hole appeared in the fabric where i had to release threads and needle from my flesh ( i know, I’m a drama queen), so I had to get creative and “hide it”




March 21, 2011

crafting a.d.d.

okay, so with spring break, starting a new job and house/pet sitting for a friend, my crafting got away from me a bit….then exploded. I have serious crafting a.d.d., but for once it was a good thing. I got a lot of little projects done, so instead of explain each one, I am giving you a pictoral edition of my completed minis.

new shower curtain

okay, so on the shower curtain, the previous post was a little dark in the shower…so i drew these on my liner..


hankerchief top


chair repainted and seat cushion

back ties of chair…ignore the dying plants, i dont have a green thumb–pobody’s nerfect…


decorative magnets


incomplete bib necklace


and that’s all folks!




March 15, 2011

Modern Bird Studio Photo Contest 2011

If you are on facebook, then go to this and “like” my photo please:

This is my photo:

Step 1.  go to  modern bird studio

Step 2. “like” their page (you have to do this to be able to “like” my photo)

Step 3. “like” my photo.

Here’s the button:

March 11, 2011

curtains repurposed into a bag!

Getting crafty…I was itching to try and see if my thrift store curtains could be turned into a bag.  I like boho-style, but I found that a reusable shopping bag would be awesome.  I mean, recycling curtains into something that is reusable, is pretty cool. 😉  So here is my pictoral lesson, (’cause it’s spring break, and I feel like be lazy-mac-lazy!)


March 11, 2011

Anthro-inspired necklace p.2

Another creation-o-fun!   I found a chunky necklace I liked at “that” awesome online store….  Time to figure out how I can make it? I think so!




Here’s my take:


using a headpin to create a hold for beads

one "bead"

a string of beads

almost there!!



I think I did pretty dern good! 🙂




March 10, 2011

Making an Anthropologie-knock off necklace p.1

Anthropologie has great stuff.  So great, in fact, that I cannot possibly afford any of their items on my current college budget.  But, I am crafty.  I saw an uber-cute button necklace and decided to make it.


Start with your button collection, string together on fishing line (fishing line is sturdier for most of my projects and for $4, you get a ton of “string”), finish stringing buttons and look for some old chain…….

and tada: